fitness boot camps

Our fitness boot camps start nice and early at 6am everyday allowing you to get into great shape that fits into your work life. All our boot camps are tailored to get you into great shape, while being friendly and fun and allow you to kick your days off in a very positive way.


who are they for?

Our aim is to offer a diverse range of fitness boot camp programs with a combination of general strength and conditioning exercises, boxing & kick-boxing technique drills, endurance drills, boxing/kick-boxing pad work, cardio fitness and core strength.

We do like to add in new drills and mix up the programs from time to time to keep our boot camps fresh and challenging. 

We work with you in a personal way that allows you to use lower weights if needed and take more breaks until your fitness levels are developed. On the other side we can also help push you further to take your fitness and strength conditioning to the next level.

The fitness boot camps are run by skilled trainers who are highly trained in strength & conditioning, and sports specific training and also have a vast knowledge of working with people at a base fitness level.