who are they for?

The functional strength programs at Ringfit are the ideal program with the absolute beginner, or elite athlete in mind. Learn the fundamentals of strength & conditioning through functional movements without the HIIT elements of our Power Circuit.

what is a FS CLASS?

An FS class focuses on reps through functional movements. This is a class to learn the basics of such exercises as; Olympic lifting, kettlebells, power bags, Olympic rings etc.. Classes are mostly rep. based as opposed to time based. A strong focus is on strength, stability, rehabilitation, injury prevention, flexibility and mobility. Great for elite athletes or a pathway for beginners to learn the correct way.


Training will consist of a range of different skills which normally involve the following:

- olympic lifting (fundamentals)
- kettlebells
- barbells & dumbbells
- power bags & sand bags
- olympic rings
- core strength & stability
- flexibility, mobility & stretching

Functional Strength_crop.jpg