who are they for?


Our Box-Fit classes are designed to cater for people of all age and fitness levels. So, if you’re in great shape or a complete beginner, then Box-Fit is for you. Box-Fit will put you in calorie burning mode and have you burning calories throughout the day. 

What is a box-fit class?

Our Box-Fit classes are 60 minute high intensity, cardiovascular workouts. Classes are an ‘interval style’ combination of boxing and cardio exercises with the option to go at your own pace.

You will need hand wraps, gloves, running shoes, a towel and a water bottle. If you don’t have gloves we have gloves available for use here at the gym. There is an emphasis on boxing pad work, bag work, partner work, high repetition light weighted sets and body weight exercises.

WHAT Do our classes consist of?

Box Fit consists of the following:

  • Pad work

  • Bag work 

  • Partner work 

  • Boxing combinations 

  • Running 

  • Body weight exercises 

  • Light aerobic style weight training intervals 

  • Sprint intervals 

  • Core work