The boxing skills classes have a complete mixture of males and females and a range of different experience levels. We will spend time with beginners to help them feel comfortable moving and punching. 

who are they for?

Our boxing skills classes are for both males & females of all walks of life, and fitness levels. All classes available except the invite only classes (Fight Team & Masters). 


We believe in great technique and look to incorporate that in our fitness program so you not only get fit but learn new skills as well.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Dan, you have a teacher who will show you all the technical knowledge he has acquired over years as a standout Australian amateur boxing competitor.


Training will consist of a range of different skills which normally involve the following:

- technique drills
- basic defence work
- pad work
- heavy bag work
- strength excersises
- partner pad work
- speed bag work
- floor to ceiling bag work