fight team

With head coach Daniel Rogers having competed in state, national, and international boxing tournaments, we offer competition boxing training to get you ready for your first fight or to advance your amateur career. We will look at your level of skill and if you are keen to compete then we will help you achieve this goal.

what is expected?

If you are looking to compete in boxing, we do ask for a high level of commitment to training for our fighters because boxing is a contact sport and we want you to succeed in the ring. If you have already had some fights, then we can look to take you back into the ring under the RINGFIT gym, but again our key aim is to make sure you are strong in the boxing fundamentals and are in great shape to compete.

What is covered in a typical class?


Our competition boxing classes consist of a wide range of advanced boxing drills and partner work consisting of:
- technique drills
- partner work
- shadow boxing
- technique sparring
- full contact competition sparring
- heavy bag work
- strength exercises
- conditioning exercises
- partner pad work
- speed bag work
- floor to ceiling bag work
- skipping
- strength & conditioning
We currently have a team of experienced male and female fighters across a variety of weight divisions. We are always on the look out for good recruits, so get in touch.