6 Reasons To Start Your Day With Exercise

Once at work the motivation can be lacking and a few cups of coffee are needed to get you feeling motivated. It can take people a good few hours to get feeling ready for the day. A routine like this is typical for many people and one of the main missing elements is starting the day off with some exercise. 

Exercise in the morning can sound completely foreign to some people and extremely difficult to get in based on the current pattern we outlined above. Yes it can be an adjustment, but once you have woken up an hour earlier and have finished your exercise (whatever that might be) you will feel a million times better. Your energy levels will be firing, you'll feel fit and you also will have more time after work because you have already done your workout for the day.

Outlined below are 6 of the key reasons why starting your day off with exercise is a great idea:

1. Start your day off right and get your energy levels firing nice and early. You'll walk into work feeling great and ready to get started from the get go.
2. The best weight loss time is actually in the morning especially if you have not really exercised in the AM before. Keeping the body guessing is always a good tactic to losing weight, so by doing a morning fitness class or a morning fitness boot camp, you'll definitely be doing something out of the ordinary.
3. Get more out of your afternoons other than going to the gym, as you already would have completed your workout in the morning. A lot of people go to the gym after work, which is great, but if you do it in the morning before work, you have more time each day!
4. By getting involved in a morning boot camp fitness class, then you'll be doing it with a lot of  other people in the same boat as you i.e. tired, and this can be great to help you get in the routine with other people supporting you.

5. Perth mornings are really beautiful, so getting up out of bed, even to go for a walk or jog a round the park can be so beneficial for your lifestyle. Perth has some of the best year round weather, so making the most of it can be a great idea as well as benefiting your energy levels and fitness.
6. Exercising in the morning can be great for your mental health and working off some stress before your day starts. We all feel great after completing a workout, so what better feeling than having that post-workout feeling before your first cup of coffee.

Ringfit provides morning fitness boot camps to help you get going in the mornings. Have a chat with the coaches next time you're in or get in touch with us via email here.